The 50 Prompts For Educators

  1. Write a book review — it could be a book you’ve read for fun or learning.
  2. Make a list of 10/50/100 things you’re grateful for. Maybe you could even create a sketchnote or graphic like Dani Dipirro.
  3. Compare your first year of teaching to today. How have things changed?
  4. Share some of your favorite ways to relax and recharge outside of school hours.
  5. Embed an inspiring TED Talk and write your reflections.
  6. Share 5 myths about teaching or a topic you’re passionate about.
  7. Write about an app or web tool you use regularly or find useful.
  8. Publish a photo of when you were a student and describe this time of your life.
  9. Try Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator. Just enter three words and you’ll be given five ideas that you can tweak.
  10. Blog roundup. Create a list of 5 or 10 of your favorite blogs and share the reasons why you recommend them.
  11. Interview someone for a blog post. This could be a colleague, a former student, or someone from your professional learning network. Or, you could invite someone to prepare a guest post for your blog.
  12. Create an A-Z of yourself, your career, or one of your passions.
  13. Where do you connect with other teachers online? Twitter? Facebook groups? Instagram? Share your favorite ways to learn from others in the education community.
  14. Explore the website Will Robots Take My Job? Share your findings in a post.
  15. Write about the old technology you used to use at work or home that’s now obsolete. Perhaps it’s the VCR, floppy disk, or typewriter.
  16. Make a new anchor chart for your classroom and photograph it for your blog. Check out this We Are Teachers post for inspiration.
  17. When was the last time you wrote a poem? Why not give it a try in a blog post? For inspiration, Kevin Hodgson has written 3 poems about writing.
  18. Consider the popular quote doing the rounds on social media: “Do more things that make you forget to check your phone”. What does this mean to you?
  19. What do you do when you have a few minutes left at the end of a class? Share your ideas with other teachers.
  20. Flexible seating is a hot topic! Share your thoughts in a blog post or weigh up the pros and cons. Pernille Ripp’s post might provide some inspiration.
  21. Suggest some ideas for worthwhile activities at the start or end of the school year. Ten Creative Alternatives to Showing Movies Before the Break by John Spencer might provide some inspiration.
  22. Try making a meme that you could share with readers, colleagues, or perhaps your students. Check out ISTE’s post about using memes with students.
  23. There has been some online debate about having a “Pinterest perfect” classroom. What are your thoughts on this topic? Maybe you could add a touch of humor to your post like this post on Bored Teachers. 
  24. Offer some tips for new teachers. This might be general advice or specific to a certain subject or age group.
  25. Write about how you keep your passion for teaching alive. This post on Edutopiamight provide some inspiration.
  26. Share a tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post that made you reflect, laugh, or change your way of thinking.
  27. Check out the self-care calendar from Action for Happiness. Use one or more of these challenges as inspiration for a blog post.
  28. Richard Byrne has explained how to find old newspapers through Google’s Newspaper Archive. Reflect on an interesting article in a blog post.
  29. Lumen5 is a cool tool to make a video out of an article or blog post. Give it a try and share your video in a post.
  30. If you could choose any book as mandatory reading for all high school students, what would it be and why?
  31. What role do you think technology should play in the classroom? You may find inspiration from “Technology Is NOT The Focus” by Karen Arrington.
  32. What makes you happy at work? Your colleagues? Your leaders? The students? Write a post about happiness in the workplace.
  33. Larry Ferlazzo has written about the impact of making positive phone calls home. Blog about your favorite approach to parent communication.
  34. Check out these 10 productivity tips for teachers and students. Publish a post sharing your own favorite tips to get more out of your day.
  35. Read Kevin Hodgson’s post, “How Can We Tell If We Are Biased If We Already Are Biased?” Write your own reflections on this topic.
  36. Sue Waters has shared her top 100+ crime and mystery novels of all time. Choose a category of books that you enjoy and share your own top reads.
  37. How do you build relationships with students? Reflect on your approaches in a blog post. For inspiration, look at “It’s Worth The Time” by Bridget Gengler.
  38. Rich at 4 O’Clock Faculty has blogged about “do it yourself professional development“. Read the post and write about your own favorite forms of PD.
  39. Tell your readers something about your colleagues. “We All Need To Be/Have Kind Colleagues” from The Idealistic Teacher might provide some inspiration.
  40. Teachers are also students and students are also teachers. Education isn’t just one way. Write about lessons you have learned from students.
  41. Larry Ferlazzo has shared an article about using “cash” as a behavior management strategy. Share your own approaches to behavior management.
  42. David Geurin asks 5 Questions For Deeper Reflection. Use one or more of these as inspiration for a blog post.
  43. Write about your morning routine at home, work, or in the classroom.
  44. How do you find balance in your life? “Rethinking Balance” by George Couros might provide some inspiration for your own post.
  45. What do you think of grouping students by age? Check out Abe Moore’s post, “Making Sense Of Multi-Age Learning” and write your own reflections.
  46. Have you tried sketchnoting? Why not give Sylvia Duckworth’s #SketchnoteFevermini lessons a try and blog about it?
  47. Explain why you blog. What do you get out of it? Does it help refine your thinking or do you just enjoy helping others?
  48. Write about your life before teaching. What other jobs did you have? How did these experiences shape you?
  49. Try Impact Inbound’s Blog Title Generator to spark ideas for blog post titles.
  50. Check out last year’s publication with 50 more blogging prompts for teachers and see what you’ve missed!


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